AGX TeamSpeak Information/Rules

--Invite Only-- Only Pubers that are invited by an AGX member can join our TS.
Most Pubers that have been playing on our servers for longer than a
month and have an easy going attitude will be invited. If you meet our criteria please
contact an AGX member through E-mail or Private message and they will be glad to give you the TS IP and password

--18+ Only -- Only Pubers that are older that 18 will be allowed on our TS.
This is an adult chat forum!

--Language--Please refrain from using the "f" word in every sentence. It
gets old real fast!

-- Political Correctness --Please refrain from any Racial, Political or
Degrading opinions while on our TS.

-- Dead Men and Women Can't Talk-- When you die in game while on our TS,
DO NOT give any game related positions or information. This is strictly pro-
hibited and is considered by AGX as cheating or ghosting

-- Whining-- Believe me, we all know how frustrating the game can be, but
please refrain from excessive whining while gaming on our TS. This will only
cause a snowball effect, which will cause everyone to start whining


*Those Pubers or AGX members that violate any of these rules will be warned
and if they violate them again, they will be temp. banned and there case will
be reviewed by the council and the AGX clan. *

If you require assistance Please ask a member with (R SA CA) tags to quick chat for help